Building the new standard in home services


How do you book home services today? You might do some Google searches, but seeing as it is near impossible to find trusted service personnel online, most service providers are found through personal recommendations.

Orkla’s startup Plusstid Home aims to change this and help consumers find reliable and trustworthy professionals by building a simple and intuitive platform for home services.

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– There is an increasing number of people that are buying home services in Norway, and they are interested in finding services that they can trust and that don’t operate in the black market. Currently, the majority of home services operates in a black market and sales go through recommendations and word of mouth.

Markus Engelbrekts, CEO

– We want to change the standard and challenge the current status by offering a simple, easy-to-use platform that quickly allows customers to find the service that they need. We work as a startup in every sense of the word and quickly test new business models, technology and solutions to find the best fit for our customers, Markus continues.

True startup feeling

Orkla is one of Norway’s biggest listed companies on the stock exchange, and has been ‘your friend in everyday life’ for the past 350 years. However, when working in Plusstid Home you truly get a startup feeling, only with the benefits of being backed by a large corporation. Plusstid Home runs their operations independently and has been given free rains to be able to exceed customer expectations.

– What sets us apart from other startups is the security we have when we are a part of Orkla. Orkla already has a lot of customer insight, touch the lives of almost every Norwegian, and they have expert knowledge about their products. We can utilize this and get a competitive edge over competitors, whilst still moving fast.

Marcel Debczynski, COO

– What triggers me by working in this way is the daily diversity – no two days are the same! And we live every success (or flop) in a super intense way, which demands the team to be dynamic and to test our limits.

Rita Coimbra, UX Designer

Looking for a DevOps Engineer

Now Plusstid Home is looking to extend their team by hiring a DevOps Engineer. They believe that by having a hands-on resource in-house they can continue to improve their technology, better the customer experience and create something customers don’t even know that they want. They are looking for someone who wants to take part in developing the service platform of the future.

– We are looking for a team member that will be action-oriented, show a genuine interest in finding constructive solutions to problems and that can handle both operational short-term and strategic long-term requests. The true benefit of this position is not only that you get to develop a new service platform, but also that you will help make people’s everyday life easier and better. We strongly believe that technology has improved our way of life, and that it will continue to enhance life quality moving forward, says Markus.

– In order to succeed in this position, previous experience with Ruby on Rails and VueJS is preferred. We are looking for someone with minimum 2 years of work experience and that has been working on 3 platforms that are in production as of today. Experience from working in an international team is also a plus.

– We are quite an international group with 7 employees coming from 5 different countries, and surprisingly we are only two Norwegians here!

Connie Jacobsen, Traffic and Content Manager

Plusstid Home is currently located at Skøyen, Oslo, only a few minutes away from the Orkla HQ.

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